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Action Kit

  1. Send an e-mail directly to your Councillor here.
  2. Ask your friends and family to send an e-mail to their Councillor. Send them this link to our take action page: http://nocasinotoronto.com/take-action/
  3. Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay in touch and include your postal code and/or address so we can send you messages related to your neighbourhood and Councillor. Sign up here: http://t.co/vwEpTqQL.
  4. Get a free lawn sign here
  5. Sign up to volunteer here: http://nocasinotoronto.com/sign-up-to-help-out/
  6. Download a paper petition here [pdf].


Donate to help us get the word out!        

  • $5 helps towards 2 small, colour lawn signs
  • $10 helps us make 20 2.25” No Casino buttons
  • $100 helps us print 1,500 4×6 postcard-sized flyers
  • $500 gets us 1,000 2.25” No Casino buttons
  • $650 gets us 10,000 4×6 postcard-sized flyers
  • $5,000 gets us a decent-sized advertisement in a mainstream newspaper
  • $6,300 gets us 2,500 small, colour lawn signs
  • $12,350 gets us all of it: the advertisement, the 2,500 lawn signs, the 10,000 postcards, and the 1,000 buttons.


Click here to donate.


Ask your friends and family to donate as well!

The Casinos such as MGM, Caesars, and Las Vegas Sands have literally millions of dollars to spend on their campaigns for a Toronto casino. We can’t compete with that and we don’t need to. We believe that with a just a few thousand dollars to get the word out, people will make it clear to their Councillors and the Mayor that they are opposed to a mega casino in Toronto.

Send this link to your friends to ask them to donatehttp://nocasinotoronto.com/action-kit/


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