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Take Action 

Please sign the petition on the right and urge City Councillors to vote NO to a mega casino in Toronto.

On Tuesday May 21, Toronto City Councillors will vote on whether a mega casino should be built in the City of Toronto. Casino lobbyists have their eyes on Toronto’s waterfront and downtown core.

We’ve got to stand up for our city and act to stop a mega casino from being built in Toronto.

Fill in the form on the right side with your information. Once you click “Submit” you will see the sample e-mail below, which you can edit, to be sent to your Councillor based on your address.

The Sample Letter for City Councillors

[ E-mail Heading: No Mega Casino! ]

Dear Councillor [ Their Name Appears Here ],

I oppose building a mega casino within the City of Toronto and I urge you to oppose any plan to build a casino in the city of Toronto.

The proposed mega casino would be detrimental to the economy and social fabric of the city. Mega casinos makes poor economic sense; there is no evidence that any such casino attracts tourist dollars, and a casino would have a devastating impact on local restaurants, bars, hotels and theatre. A mega casino would additionally have serious negative social impacts, including increased problem gambling, bankruptcies, crime, traffic gridlock and parking problems.

I urge you, as a community leader and member of Toronto City Council, to join me in opposing a mega casino within the City of Toronto.Signed,

[ Your Name & Address ]