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Will a mega casino help local tourism, entertainment & businesses?

No. This is a popular misconception.  Most casinos will not bring in tourists to the area and become a destination gambling location the likes of Las Vegas.  Rather, communities will be dealing with a situation of convenience where local people will be mainly coming from the surrounding area.(9)

A mega casino, comes with bars, restaurants, subsidized alcohol, food, and theatre, works to keep its customers focused within the complex.

The casino developers typically build large hotels that cripple local hotels. All of which inevitably destroy local establishments and divert entertainment dollars.

Contrary to Paul Godfrey’s claim that if Toronto doesn’t build a casino “our tourists will go to Boston, Cleveland and Baltimore, which are all building world-class casinos”, Toronto has a robust tourist industry that does not require a mega casino.

Tourists will continue to come to Toronto for events such as:

  • Toronto International Film Festival,
  • Toronto Symphony Orchestra,
  • Canadian Opera Company,
  • The National Ballet,
  • Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival,
  • The Jazz Festival,
  • Pride Week,
  • Canadian National Exhibition,
  • live theatre, major sports events and fine restaurants.

Studies consistently show that a mega casino would be in competition with, not compliment, the local area businesses.

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