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Will a mega casino increase problem gambling?

Yes. Studies show that of all forms of gambling, casinos have the greatest potential to increase problem gambling.(14)

Problem gamblers impose costs on the rest of society. Research confirms the resulting social impact will include:

  • an increase in bankruptcies,
  • unemployment,
  • welfare,
  • medical and criminal justice costs,
  • problem gamblers who suffer from depression, anxiety, financial and family breakdown.(16)

The OLG’s aggressive “modernization” of gaming strategic plan, part of which is the establishment of 29 casinos in Ontario, aims to increase provincial gambling revenue by a staggering 75 per cent.

The OLG, by inviting bids from the private sector, is already moving forward with its plan, which when implemented, will change “the existing social-economic impact of gambling in Ontario. It will move the focus further from promoting responsible gambling to a greater preoccupation with profits“. (15)

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